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Planning a business trip contributes to the development and humanization of companies. Apart from 2020, the number of planning a business trip is increasing from year to year: 195.4 million business trips like many of his Hollywood colleagues, Brad Pitt is now apparently planning to invest in the hotel industry. 

The actor is said to have recently inspected the piece of land in the Croatian coastal town of Zablaće, on which the luxury resort is to be built, together with the well-known architect Nikola Basić.

Zablaće is a small place near the historic town of Šibenik. In the past the place was known for its salt factories, today the region is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Croatia thanks to its crystal clear waters.

The project includes luxury hotels, shops, villas, schools, and even a clinic. Brad Pitt and other investors want to invest a total of 1.5 billion US dollars (around 1.45 billion Swiss francs) in the plant. The plan also includes transforming the town of Zablaće into a modern, ecologically sustainable community with 2500 permanent residents.

It is not yet known when the work will start. The Swiss fund TFI Holding is said to have already invested 70 million dollars in plots of land for the base project.

Brad Is Planning A Business Trip He Has

The management informed the workforce on Wednesday of the general plan for this. Accordingly, the First Business Travel (FBT) area will not be continued “in its existing form” as an independent unit. 

As it was said in an internal employee information sheet, one wants to reduce the previous activities “to a minimum” in the future. Concrete negotiations on the future of the more than 300 affected employees are to begin in January.

Income from special offers for business travelers fell particularly sharply due to the Corona crisis. Some aviation and tourism companies expect a return much later than the holiday business – if at all. brad works council chief Frank Jakobi told the German press agency in Hanover that there could still be opportunities in the support of small and medium-sized companies. This is where the brad division started, and the price pressure tends not to be as high as that of major customers.

“Of course, this means a bitter turning point for the colleagues,” Jakobi explained. He assumes, however, that the brad Germany management will present constructive proposals for alternative employment in the talks in the new year. In addition to the reduced residual business of FBT, these could also be located elsewhere in the group – or in the classic travel agencies, where, in his opinion, the cuts have so far been quite fair. “We expect that such solutions can be found again.”

Where nothing else is feasible, one can talk about severance payments if necessary, so Jakobi. There was an employment guarantee for various areas at brad, but this will expire at the end of this year. From the company, it was said: “We have made an analysis of the business and are now starting talks with codetermination.” If you relate the savings plans in the case of FBT to full-time positions, the impact is lower with a little more than 200.

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BRAD Management is a full-service commercial real estate management company serving most of the United States. In addition to third-party management, the ownership has interests in commercial real estate projects. The ownership has over 20 years of commercial real estate experience with personal experience as managers, owners, and developers.

Which Of These Businesses Is A Partnership?

In a partnership, companies enter into cooperation without losing their legal independence. In this way, they can complement each other, bundle their resources and reduce their costs. An affiliate is a company that is so important to your business that it cannot be easily replaced with another. Real partnerships do not mean classic supplier-buyer relationships.

What Is A Partnership Business?

A partnership is a unique company. It consists of at least two owners, but it could have many owners (thousands, even). These owners share the advantages and disadvantages of the business partners according to the terms of a partnership agreement, which they sign when they join the partnership.

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