Business Ideas For Teens 2020

If you’re under 30 and want to get started, here are some business start-up ideas that might inspire you.

There are many examples of businesses powered by ambitious and daring young entrepreneurs, business ideas for teens 2020?

Even if France does not allow as much flexibility as on the other side of the Atlantic in terms of the legal age to start a business, it is possible to create a business entirely independently from the age of 16.

If specific support systems for young people exist, it will be necessary to ensure that you find the original and promising idea on which to build your business creation process.

Many sectors of activity lend themselves particularly well to the entrepreneurial desire of young people. Between the construction, personal service, retail, and digital sectors, the choice is wide and the innovations offer attractive prospects for the most motivated.

What Business Can A Teenager Start?

Very importantly, I have to make this point; to build wealth creation into adulthood, all you need to do is explore business ideas for teens 2020 adolescence. You don’t have to do everything, an idea is enough that can captivate your full concentration. Here is more info on Summer Business Ideas For Teens

There are unlimited business ideas for teenagers that can be started with little or no capital.

However, a teenager can start any of the following business ideas and grow to become a brand;

  • Participation in surveys
  • Pet site
  • Play an online game
  • Sell ​​your photo
  • Sell ​​your drawings
  • private lessons
  • Start a YouTube channel
  • Check online freelance jobs
  • Become a social network
  • Brand Influencer
  • T-shirt design
  • Create and sell artwork
  • Sell ​​crafts and jewelry
  • Making music
  • Test applications
  • Sell ​​used/old items online
  • Gift wrapping service
  • Technical support
  • Computer setup service
  • Technology tutor
  • Online graphics seller
  • Clothing designer
  • Greeting card maker
  • Pet photographer
  • Event photographer
  • Delivery service
  • Packing service
  • Collaboration service

How Do I Start My Own Business At 15?

At the age of 15, most teenagers don’t think about making money, especially if you have parents who would rather not bother if you make money now or even save them.

Although teenagers under the age of 16+ -18+ are legally considered children, the truth remains that it is NEVER too early to lay the groundwork for wealth creation for any human being. As soon as possible, mastery!

Binge on the last line of the family.

Thus, the best way to start your own business at 15 is to check out profitable business ideas that require less capital and you can be passionate about.

Here are some tips on how to start a business, even in adolescence;

  1. empowerment
  2. Choose a business idea
  3. Write a business plan
  4. Choose a type of business
  5. Register / register your business
  6. Define your brand
  7. Choose a commercial location and check the zoning
  8. Establish a web presence
  9. Create business and credit bank accounts with a friend/parent/guardian next
  10. Join professional associations

Business Ideas 2022 For Young Adults

Business Ideas 2022 For Young Adults
Business Ideas 2022 For Young Adults

Many business ideas for teens 2020, but some require little or no capital. The most business ideas for teens 2020 that can be capitalized, with little or no capital, include;

1. Participation In The Survey s

Surveys are one of the ways companies receive feedback on their products and services. Businesses use survey participants to obtain information about the performance of their products or services, most often these survey participants receive or receive gifts.

This is an interesting business idea for teenagers, which will bring you money from home and does not require much time or involves a lot of hard work.

All you have to do is sign up for an online survey platform such as Swagbucks or Survey Junkie, although the age requirement for this is over 13, you can look for your parents’ assistant if you are under that age and want to continue.

You can earn between $ 5 and $ 55 per survey or receive gift items.

2 . Pet Sitting

If you are old enough to deal with pets like dogs or cats without supervision and you love them, then you can explore the idea of ​​a pet sitting business for teenagers in their free time.

You can sign up on sites like a vagabond or Call to connect with pet owners, you can also tell your neighbors if the types are busy.

The good thing is to take them home, but make sure you don’t have anyone allergic to dogs or cats and other pets at home and get your parents’ consent.

You can earn an average of $ 25 – $ 85 depending on the time spent watching them.

3. Play New Year Online Game

Many children love games. It’s a great way to relax and have fun alone or with friends. But you can make an extra effort to make money while doing one of your favorite things in the world.

If you play games with your smartphone or have a game setup, you can turn those hours spent playing games into extra money. It’s one of those small but very consistent business ideas that never went away for teenagers.

Sites like Appcent, App like AppNana, and Cash Boxes are some of the online sites that pay you for games.

So have fun winning an extra $ 10-20 by playing games. A great business idea for a great teenager, right?

4. Sell Your Photo

Photography is another great and creative way to make money. If you have a camera or a smartphone with a cool lens and you like to take pictures for fun, then you might as well start earning money from it.

Your photos could be interesting images of landscape, fashion, architecture, or even portraits.

Many companies and people love the use of beautiful images, you don’t have to do much to get started, just sign up for sites like Shutterstock, Ia y images, Dreamstime or Istock Photos.

Each photo you buy can cost you about $ 0.25 – $ 0.50 and more as your online portfolio grows. The fun part is that your photos can be bought multiple times.

Therefore, you should consider exploring this special business idea for teens like you.

5 . Sell ​​Your Designs

Do you like to create beautiful art patterns? If you’ve been doing this as a hobby and are looking for ways to make money from home as a child, then it’s time to step up your game by signing up on any online site to promote your artwork.

Society6 is one such site where you can sell drawings, they could be used on phones, face covers, as stickers, etc. The site pays you 10% of the sale price, which may vary depending on the item.

This is one of the coolest and most profitable business ideas for teens.

6. Meditations

Tutoring is also an interesting business idea and an even cooler way to make money from home in adolescence. If you are very good at math, science, English or any other subject, you can teach them to your students or classmates and invite them home for classes.

You can earn up to $ 20 to more than $ 80 per hour from mentoring.

7 . Home On YouTube Channel

You can own a YouTube channel as a child. There could be videos about everything from playing music to games, guitar, selling new toys, comedy, and more.

Starting a YouTube channel under the age of 18 requires parental permission. You may want to discuss your idea with your parents or guardians.

The only way to start making money from your video is to connect your YouTube channel to an approved AdSense account that belongs to a parent or guardian who is over 18 years of age.

Ryan’s World is a YouTube channel for kids with Ryan, his parents, and twin sisters.

According to Forbes, Ryan Kaji has earned nearly $ 30 million from his channel, which has over 40 million subscribers. Includes videos with reviews of new toys and home science experiments. The amazing thing is, he’s only nine years old.

His story should serve as a motivation for children under the age of 13, do not give up, take your idea and discuss it with your parents.

For every 1000 or more views you get, you’ll earn between $ 10 and $ 30.

Great business idea for teens, right? What’s stopping you now?

8. Check Out Online Freelance Jobs; Cool business idea for teens

There are a lot of freelance jobs where you can work as a child to earn money from home.

If you’re good at voice acting, graphic design, transcription, or even writing, you can visit sites like Writers at Source for freelance jobs.

You can sign up for Fiverr from the age of 13. Anything below requires your parent or guardian to manage your account.

You can earn up to $ 10 – $ 2,000 and more, depending on the type of services you offer.

9. Become a Social Media / Influencer Brand; The lucrative business idea for teenagers

A brand influencer is someone who collaborates with a brand and promotes things like fashion, food, lifestyle, hotels, etc.

You can also post videos with your music, favorite toys, trips to beautiful places with friends and family, etc. You will never believe how thriving this business idea can be for teenagers like you.

An influential teenager can be as young as a 13-year-old, testing new games, posting pictures, and doing other amazing things. The minimum age requirement for most social media handles is 13 years.

You can upload brands up to $ 2700 and more with lots of followers.

10. T-shirt Design

If you love to design and have an eye for fashion, here’s a teenage business idea you should use.

You can create beautiful patterns on t-shirts and sell them. Buy an empty T-shirt and create your own designs with the help of your family or friends.

Sign up for sites like Shopify and Teespring to get started, and if you’re not the minimum age required, your parents can sign up on your behalf.

You can earn $ 10 – $ 100 and more. It all depends on the cost of your item.

11 . Create And Sell Illustrations

Many children love the arts and illustrations. If you are good at drawing and illustrating captivating pieces such as comics, anime, and digital portraits as a hobby, you can start making money from them by selling them. It is one of the most profitable business ideas for teenagers.

To help you, your parents or guardians can give you a tablet and a good drawing pen, check out apps like procreate which are one of the best drawing apps.

On DeviantArt, you will win up to $ 20 – $ 100. Don’t ignore this great business idea for teenagers.

12 . Sells Crafts and Jewelry

If you like to make jewelry or have an eye for crafts, you can start and make them and sell them online, it is a beautiful business idea with excellent returns. It could be anywhere from handmade necklaces to Christmas ornaments, bracelets, and more.

To get started, you can sign up for E sty and post your favorite works there. You can also share it on the handles of social media to get more audience.

Earnings vary depending on the items you sell and how much you pay for them. Esty charges you 5% of the sale price.

13 . Making Music

If you are talented in making music or as a parent, you have a child who is talented in making music, then you can generate money from your talent or your parents can help you with that.

There are different platforms you can sign up for to make it easier than Spotify. Spotify pays you between $ 0.03 – $ 0.05 per stream.

14. Test Applications

Most teenagers today are so absorbed in the digital world. A lot of Genis spend their time exploring the internet and checking out new apps. There’s a million-dollar business idea in this!

You can earn money from home, as a child, by testing new applications. Check out Ubertesteri and Tester’s works which are some of the best platforms to get started. On average, you earn $ 10 per 20 minutes.

15 . Sell ​​Used / Old Items Online

If you have a lot of old items that you no longer use and are still in excellent condition, you can explore the business idea of ​​teenagers to sell them to make money. It could be toys, clothes, shoes, etc.

Make sure everything is in good shape and also ask for your parents’ approval before selling them.

See sites like eBay, Amazon, Poshmark, and Craigslist to sell used items.

Sign up for any of your choices, create an account, take photos of your articles, and post them. Select a price that works well for you, but don’t overload the items. Your earnings can range from $ 25 or more, depending on the item you are selling.

16. Gift Wrapping Service

During the holidays or other popular gift-giving occasions, you can offer gift-wrapping services for gifts that do not want to wrap their items.

17. Technical Support

If you are well versed in computer or technology, you can start a technical support business where customers can call or talk to you for help in resolving their technical issues.

18. Computer Configuration Service / Technology Tutor

As a teenager, a business idea that you can start with, specifically aimed at helping people who have recently bought new computers or devices and need help setting them up, is a computer setup service.

Alternatively, you can focus more on teaching customers how to set up their devices or solve other technical issues on their own by starting a business as a technical tutor.

19. Online Graphics Seller

If you have some design skills, explore the business idea of ​​creating your own printable or online graphics and sell them to customers as downloadable online.

20. Clothing Designer

You can also channel your design skills into creating your clothing line and selling pieces online or in local boutiques.

Or you can keep it simple and create your patterns to include on your T-shirts and then print them to sell online or in stores.

21. Greeting Card Creator

If your creativity is more suited to creating your paper items, you can also design your line of greeting cards to sell.

22. Pet Photographer/Event Photographer

In addition, a business idea for teens is to start a photography business that specifically addresses pet owners who want photo portraits of their furry friends.

Or, you can offer your photography services at weddings or special events.

23. Delivery Service

You can also start a delivery business where you deliver items to different locations on behalf of your customers, as long as you have a reliable form of transportation.

24. Packing Service

Starting a full service on the go may not be very realistic for a teenager. But you can start a business that helps people pack their items before they move in to earn extra money.

25. Collaboration Service

Coworking services have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. And they can even be useful to young entrepreneurs. This is a business idea for teenagers.

So you can start your own business by opening up a coworking space for other teenage entrepreneurs.

26. Graphic Designer / Web Designer

If you have some basic design skills, you can start your own graphic design business where you help your clients by designing logos and other branding elements.

Or you can help them create websites by starting a business as a web designer.


Fortunately, Business Ideas For Teens 2020. You can become a master in anyone.

The idea is to explore the ideas, at most one, and focus on it with all the vitality of youth, so that it can flourish in something huge and very magnificent, earning the rich life you deserve.

I should remind you, Bill Gates started his billion-dollar technology business as a teenager. That should be all the motivation you need!

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