How To Make Money Online With Online Conferencing Platforms

The demand for video chat or conference tools has grown incredibly in recent times, particularly boosted by the global situation regarding the pandemic. Much of the work and areas of study have been transported to online platforms.

Times are difficult, and how we interact and communicate changes constantly and abruptly. However, we can act in our favor and take advantage of new platforms to earn money.

Online training is booming. Webinars, classes, and courses are the order of the day. Added to this is the need for many professionals (teachers, coaches, therapists, etc.) to continue providing their services remotely.

This will surely sound familiar to you: you have become an expert on a specific topic, perhaps you are a lawyer, mathematician, businessman, or you deal with academic materials or even intangible products. You know your niche like the back of your hand, and you are always the person people run to ask when they need help with it.

Online seminars

The most direct way to earn money is by charging an admission fee for your online conference or event. People are willing to pay money to learn about a subject from experts. There is no reason why you cannot get a monetary profit from that subject that you handle so much, especially if you know that subject from head to toe and consider yourself a valuable source of information.

But it is important to consider certain aspects to carry out all this. It is not just asking people to pay to see you talking about a topic. We recommend that you follow these strategic steps:

1. Choose the appropriate platform: at the beginning, we talked about two platforms that will allow you to achieve the objective. It’s all about Zoom and the great G app, Classroom. They offer you interesting options for the management and order of the conference.

2. Promote your class or event effectively: if no one knows what you are going to do, you will not create interest in what you want to teach, which translates into zero income. There are many ways to do it, such as email marketing, promotion on social networks such as Facebook Ads, even making it known in the “physical world” with your relatives.

3. Focus on delivering quality content: always, but always, make sure you offer worthwhile content that is instructive and easy to digest. People who know you will surely become your followers, allowing you to grow your audience and trust you for future events.

This way is great for lawyers, personal trainers, mentors, artists, etc.

Product Show

Maybe you are not that expert in a subject, but you are better at selling products or services, which are your own or from third parties, you specialize in that, you are passionate about it, and you want to take advantage of it, why not do it? You can take advantage of the time on screen to publicize that product or service you want to sell. Unlike online seminars where people have to pay to get admitted, everyone can watch you here for free. When do you see the money? At the end, when people are attracted to what you have offered and pay for it.

So the question is: do you have (or do you know of) any products that you can offer through online conferencing platforms? If yes, then this point may be beneficial for you. As always, the idea is not blindly and sell what comes to your mind first, but to follow some steps strategically, and thus increase the chances of success:

1. Don’t forget the added value: make the time you determine for your presentation be valuable to your audience. That leaves some interesting knowledge that people want to stay until the end and even make use of the product that you offer or acquire that service that you promote. Make them feel identified. Not seeing any income at the end would be frustrating.

2. Take into account the presentation time: nobody wants to spend hours and hours seeing someone who does not get anywhere, who does not encourage them, or who makes them bored quickly. It would help determine how you want to carry out your presentation and how you want to be perceived. Studies show that maximum duration of 52 minutes is ideal. The flow of the conversation is important. You don’t want to make sales in the first few minutes but the last. Take advantage of the time to create value.

3. Promote benefits over characteristics: I give you an example, few people are interested in buying a new car knowing characteristics such as horsepower, but they are more attracted knowing what benefits these will have in their day to day with this new car. This is super important: a feature is something that your product has; a benefit is why that feature matters.

4. Sell more by following up with potential buyers: let’s be honest, not everyone who sees you will pay you for something just by telling them. You can increase income by following up with each person who has decided not to pay for your product or service and thus give them opportunities in the future.

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Product demonstration is a great way to sell if, for example, you are a creator of a service or product, or if you even work for a company that markets products.

But what if you are an expert in intangibles? Perhaps you are a handyman in gardening, carpentry, computer science, etc. The following strategy is for you.

Promote online courses

Zoom and Google Classroom can help you reach students or those interested in courses that you want to teach or have previously created and monetized your knowledge.

If so, you can follow all the guidelines we have outlined above. These are some extra tips that you should take into account to promote your online courses:

1. Include testimonials: one of the best ways to make a person feel better about something offered is through case studies and testimonials from other people, which adds reliability. When future students realize that there are other people with the same concerns, problems, and questions and that they have been taught successfully by you, they will trust you much more.

2. It ends with a question and answers section: especially if the course you offer costs a significant amount of money, it is good practice to end your lecture with questions and answers that serve to clarify the panorama much more, they may be previously originated by you or make it interactive and allow others to ask you, in this way, the number of satisfied people is greater.

Online teaching is part of the future, and today’s existing platforms help us leverage much more. They help us monetize our knowledge, skills, and experiences.

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