Small Business Ideas in the Philippines

You will like our small business ideas Philippines as below discussion. The Philippine market stayed strong even in 2021.

The fast-growing market of the Philippines presents plenty of chances for entrepreneurs. Nevertheless, you must be aware of your intended venture’s viability based on tendencies and your available budget. You’re able to create business ideas by yourself, or you could check our listing of prepared solutions below.

Are you seeking the very best small business ideas in Philippines for 2021? If so, here is your listing of profitable small business ideas in Philippines; without too small an investment, you may begin immediately.

Top 10 Small Business Ideas Philippines for 2021

Real Estate Agency Business

Among the most promising small business ideas in the Philippines could be launched by foreign or local investors. The requirements for possessions don’t have any limitations. A Real Estate Brokerage License will probably be rewarding in this kind of business permit in the Philippines.


Agriculture With the rising interest in organic farming and farm-to-table initiatives, there’s an increasing demand for services and merchants which attract vegetables, fruits, and other agricultural goods to higher heights. Take your cue from businesses like Session Groceries to find a notion.


Year in and year out, tourists go to the country for leisure trips and holidays. Usually, it was just during summertime when people would search for all these actions, but amazingly, tourist figures have risen during the year. So, there is always a fantastic motive to start a business that may appeal to tourists. It may be all about lodging, transportation services, and tourist counseling services — whatever works for you!

Network Marketing Business

Network marketing is also called multi-level marketing, pyramid selling, and referral marketing. It’s a profitable business model where a structured pyramid community of individuals is involved who market the goods and services of various businesses.

To begin a business and make it profitable, you will want to work hard to earn a great deal of cash and become wealthy in a limited time.

Starting a Blog

Starting a website is a fantastic internet and home-based business idea in Philippines, particularly for ladies. There are lots of bloggers that are making high negative income from blogging.

Whatever you will need is to opt for the profitable blogging market and begin. To monetize your site, you can put ads, sponsor content, and perform affiliate marketing. Initially, you’ll need to work very difficult to create a decent quantity of visitors from search engines. After you receive good traffic on your site, you will get an online entrepreneur.

Digital Marketing Services – small business ideas Philippines

Having an internet presence and ensuring people can easily observe an organization’s site on the internet can make or break a business. Digital Marketing services provide solutions to web site owners that wish to reach a larger audience and create more future customers/revenue.

For a supplier, you may sell your experience in SEO, social networking, Content & Email Marketing to businesses seeking to cultivate their brands on the web.

You can readily discover customers to operate with through outsourcing sites like Upwork, Freelancer. Ph, and Manila Craigslist. And finally, climb by launching your site where you can market your services, and by constructing a group, you can assign tasks to finish your projects.

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Agency for Influencers

Remember that scene from the film, “Jerry Maguire”? Cuba Gooding Jr spoke about Tom Cruise (his representative) on the telephone when he began yelling, “Show me the Money!” As a broker, it is Tom’s job to locate and land a fantastic contract for Cuba.

If expert athletes, movie stars, writers, actors, etc., have representatives, maybe the same concept may be used to get “Influencers,” right? These are the men and women who control a gigantic after in social networking.

Their ideas, opinions, as well as the things they use significantly affect their followers.

A service for influencers can function as their broker who will manage contract negotiations, business, and legal agreements, and finding additional customers.

Sari-Sari Store Business

If you’re put in a busy place that experiences enormous traffic, then you may wish to think about setting up a sari-sari shop. In case the site is excellent, the earnings can increase money PHP 18000 to 20000 daily.

Budget Clothing Business

That is the trending small business in Philippines today. It is possible to attempt one without or with the franchise at reasonably busy places or intersections.

As small business ideas in Philippines, low-priced clothes or budget clothes have requirements. Stylish but cheap clothes are constantly in condition. It would be best if you merely searched for great sourcing destinations and places in and around shopping areas. You can also start a successful clothing business after reading these steps.

Small business ideas philippines food

  • Capital: P30,000-P300,000
  • Possible monthly income: P50,000-P500,000

It’s no secret that Filipinos love to eat, so food packs will probably stay a fantastic small business idea for the Philippines. You merely need to select the perfect idea, product, and place to generate the entire investment worth your while.

Pros: You can begin with low capital and possibly get your ROI fast. There are numerous franchise alternatives available, which might be more economical and more straightforward than establishing a full-sized restaurant.

Cons: Some franchise arrangements might be too restrictive. Franchisors have their very own prescribed procedures that franchisees will need to adhere to rigorously –so you may not have complete control of your business.

Example of small business ideas Philippines food

  1. Rice Retailing Business
  2. Water Refilling Station Business
  3. Catering Business
  4. Restaurant or Canteen (Carinderia) Business
  5. Palamig Business
  6. Egg Supplier
  7. Meat Shop
  8. Food Cart or Food Stand
  9. Microbrewing
  10. Organic Food
  11. Food Delivery Business
  12. Craft beer pub
  13. Mobile Kitchen

Small business ideas Philippines for students

There are many business opportunities that college students may start without a great deal of upfront cost or time commitment. Below you will find the best Small business ideas Philippines for students.

20 best small business ideas for students


Can you shine on your research? Why not instruct and discuss your academic superiority? Teaching is also a great approach to learning more. You might even teach children to help them become prepared to go to college.


If you’re taking mass communication, BS in English, or journalism, you might try offering specific customers’ writing services. You may write posts and other articles for websites, sites, and other books offline and online.


Apart from composing, you might also offer editing services to proofread, edit, and enhance your clientele’ initial content.


 You can select a subject or market that interests you and work to develop an audience in your schedule.

Virtual Assistant

You may also work in your house or dorm space as a digital assistant, offering services such as email communications and social media direction.

YouTube Personality

You can make money through advertising revenue or employment with brands within an influencer to generate money on YouTube.

Social Media Manager – Small business in Philippines with a 4k capital


For people who have a reasonable number of social media understandings, you can start your very own social media business and offer your services to people who want help managing their social media accounts.

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Social Media Influencer

You might also develop your social media accounts then work with brands within an influencer.

Social Media Consultant

If you’d instead only offer your experience to brands so they can work in their particular social media accounts, it is possible to provide your services as an advisor.


Earn money from the fire in photography. You might also make a photo blog to advertise your ability and services on the internet.

Video coverage

Earn cash by catching the great moments of men and women in their special times, such as weddings, birthdays, and other occasions.

Video/motion picture artist

Handle all of the video graphic design and visual needs of different customers or businesses.


Utilize your technical ability, animation computer software knowledge, and imagination to make 2D or 3D animations.

Website design – business ideas 50,000 capital philippines

Are you currently taking programming? Why don’t you exercise your site designing abilities by producing quality sites for customers?

Website flipping

You might also make and develop sites and sell them for gain.

Pet Groomer

You might also start a pet grooming service in which you offer to wash and groom creatures for a set fee.


There are also many opportunities for college students to formulate brand-new goods and then permit or create those items to market.

House cleaning

Make folk’s houses tidy. Bear in mind that great things start from a tiny start.

Fashion designing

Enhance your enthusiasm for fashion design.

Jewelry and accessories

This is only one of those small businesses which you can start in your home

Frequently asked questions

What are the most successful small businesses?

All Business ideas mentioned above are a successful small business for beginners, students, and people in the business. Our top pick for the most successful small business are

  • Starting a Blog
  • Clothing Business
  • Small business ideas philippines food
  • Writing
  • Photography
  • Website flipping
  • Real Estate Agency Business

What business can I start with 20k in Philippines?

If you are looking for the best business to start with 20K from the Philippines, if this is the case, you’ve arrived at the ideal place! Best Business To Start With 20k In the Philippines is

  • Freelance Writing Business
  • Small Food Cart Business
  • Lazada Seller
  • Cleaning Business
  • Tourism

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