Summer Business Ideas For Teens

A simple business idea for teenagers is all about filling a local need. Anything from landscaping services to garage sale helpers to pet sitting can help a teen earn some extra money without investing a lot of time. A courier or delivery service can also work, and running errands for busy people is just as popular.

Great Summer Business Ideas for Teens

Summer business ideas for teens with our many years of experience in web development and online business promotion, we have selected some business ideas for you, young minds, that will help you channel your energy and be your boss. Here is more about Small Business Ideas in the Philippines

Dog walking and petting service

If you love dogs or other pets and know how to take care of one, turn your skills into a part-time business of your own. Start your summer business ideas for teens’ dog and petting service in your free time.

Although the business might be based on word of mouth from your parents, relatives, or neighbors, a full-fledged app will help you scale your business on a larger scale – you can also hire others to join you as you grow. Do you know how much it costs to develop a dog walking app?

A simple lemonade stand

One of the best summer business ideas for teens is a simple lemonade stand. The drink is loved by everyone in the summer and the business doesn’t need a long-term commitment. However, you can bring some new approaches to old lemonade recipes and become known for unique lemonades in your town or city.

Part-time apprenticeship

The part-time apprenticeship summer business ideas for teens will not only bring you some extra money but will also refresh your knowledge from time to time. You can develop your coaching classes (an educational brand) if you can attract a large group of younger students.


Would you like to earn some extra money alongside your studies? This is for the teenagers looking for a part-time business opportunity, you can accommodate babysitting. 

Looking at a larger picture, you can imagine the nursery in your home taking care of a group of babies. For beginners, you can start babysitting a child. Additionally, you can offer tutoring classes for a few extra dollars.

Make and sell crafted goods

There are immense possibilities to start with when it comes to handcrafted goods. 

This is indeed a fun activity that could bond your whole family summer business ideas for teens and earn some money through sales. With more counterfeit goods on the market, people are constantly looking for organic and homemade substitutes.

Become an influencer (Youtube or social media)

This 2021, summer business ideas for teens bet on the most popular side business idea – social media influencers. Pick a specific niche for all of your videos and posts to revolve around, and create a community of followers with similar interests through social media apps like Instagram and Facebook. 

It can be beauty, cosmetic, entertainment, or financial or educational content. Later, you can monetize your skills by providing promotional content for different companies that belong to your niche.

Sell your unique inventions

If you think outside the box and are good at creating things, you can surely find something unique to sell in the market with the help of your parents.

Selling your invention gives you inner satisfaction and also helps you to have a monopoly since no one else is selling the same product but you. Kudos to your next great invention… Your invented products can be mass-produced or hand-made and sold online.

Sell a digital product or service

Various agencies pay a lot of money for digital products like a song composition, specific lyrics, design, online tutorials, etc. For example, if you’re a good photographer, you can either sell your skills online or monetize the great clicks you take. 

Here is the list of online platforms where you can sell unique and exclusive photos taken by you. A dedicated website developer remains the elite when it comes to launching a full-fledged online business.

Sell your artwork online

Start summer business ideas for teens’ own eCommerce business by selling your unique artworks online. Aside from studying, some students are great artists and have a keen insight that can make them big bucks. If you have an artistic edge, this is one of the best low investment business ideas to develop in 2021.

But why e-commerce? The internet knows no borders, with an e-commerce site you can easily scale with your business. Learn more about the benefits of e-commerce portals for a business.

Small scale dropshipping

One of the best and most cost-effective business models to thrive in 2021 and beyond. Dropshipping is a true online business where the seller owns an e-commerce portal to sell products without actually stocking them.

With no upfront inventory costs or administration costs, once you receive an order on your website, you can forward it to the dropshipping supplier or manufacturer and they will further process the shipment. We have plenty in store to tell you about dropshipping.

What Is The Easiest Business To Start As a Teenager?

Easiest Business

You who are between 16 and 18 years old must have permission from a guardian and chief guardian to start and run a real business. Guardians are usually your parents. 

Supervisors are present in each municipality. You and your parents apply for consent from the guardian on a special form that you receive from your municipality. If you have not turned 16, you cannot start a real company.

Young Entrepreneurship (UF)

Start a UF company through the education program Young Entrepreneurship (UF) in high school. 

Summer contractor

Several municipalities offer you between 15 and 20 years to try entrepreneurship through a “summer company”.

What are some good business ideas for teenagers?

Even if you’re still in high school, summer business ideas for teens’ vacations and weekends are a great time to spend extra money. There are many ways for a teenager to start a profitable business without a major investment and without taking their attention away from education and other aspects of daily life. Here are some business ideas for the entrepreneurial teen:

A simple business idea for teenagers is all about filling a local need. Anything from landscaping services to garage sale helpers to pet sitting can help a teen earn some extra money without investing a lot of time. A courier or delivery service can also work, and running errands for busy people is just as popular.

Go online. If you have any computer skills related to web design, put it to good use. You may not be able to compete with the professionals, but that doesn’t mean you can’t offer affordable options to local businesses that want an online presence. Another great online business idea is to join the eBay revolution. The business model is simple, and once you’ve found a niche, you can make a lot of money from your home computer.

If you have a special talent, put it to good use. A craft business can be profitable if you come up with an original idea, but don’t rule out party planning (children’s birthdays), tutoring (from piano to math), and writing for a local newsletter or newspaper.

Don’t discount seasonal ideas: ice-screaming stands or beach sales in the summer, or ski lessons in the winter. Even selling ice can work if you do it on special holidays when people don’t have time or refrigerator space to deal with it. The simplest business ideas can be profitable if approached in the right way.

Once you come up with a business idea that appeals to you, do your research. See if other people seem interested in the prospect and find out who your local competition is. If you’re not sure what to do, start small, with friends and family, and then start expanding as you feel more confident.

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