SWOT Analysis: Examples, Strategies, and Templates

Use SWOT Analysis to evaluate your organization’s present position before settling on any new approach.

Find out what is working nicely and what is not so great. Ask yourself where you need to go, how you might get there — and what might get on your way. These are big problems, and you will need a healthy but easy technique to help you: SWOT Analysis.

This guide, movie, an infographic can help you find what SWOT Analysis is, take out one, and conduct a SWOT analysis of important brands Apple, Walmart, Tesla, and Amazon. When you are done reading, you will have all the inspiration and strategic advice that you need to undertake a SWOT analysis on your own.

What is a SWOT analysis?

A SWOT analysis is a technique used to appraise your business’ Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Risks. A SWOT analysis helps identify places your business can enhance and optimize opportunities while simultaneously determining adverse elements that might hinder your chances of succeeding. SWOT meaning study assiduously.

SWOT analysis sounds like some frightening accounting procedure –it is not. Doing a SWOT analysis does not involve addition or subtraction, but it’s beneficial. SWOT stands for:

S – Strengths

W – Weaknesses

O – Opportunities

T – Threats

It is essentially the most excellent to-do list. A SWOT analysis compels you to consider the potential of eCommerce to your business. You know how your business is doing now, but do you know where it’s going to be tomorrow? This procedure can help you find it out and–more significantly –a strategy for it.

You know a SWOT analysis is vital; however, how can you conduct yourself?

You will want to consider four steps when assessing your business as a whole or your merchandise precisely. Before starting, you will need to determine what you are evaluating, along with your SWOT analysis. Developing a social networking program, creating a new solution, or contemplating a new redesign are excellent reasons to conduct a SWOT analysis.

Utilize this SWOT Analysis Template

To envision your SWOT analysis, it is helpful to generate a table. Here, I have created a sample with a simple Google Doc table, feel free to utilize yourself or make your own since it matches your requirements.

Create a SWOT Analysis Table

Swot Analysis Template


Strengths Think about the benefits your organization has more than organizations. These might be the motivation of your employees, access to specific substances, or a solid set of manufacturing procedures. What should you do better than anybody else? Unique or lowest-cost resources will you draw upon others who can not? Variables mean that you receive the sale before them?

Recall, any component of your organization is merely a strength if it provides you with an obvious benefit. By way of instance, if all your competitors deliver high-quality goods, then a high-quality manufacturing procedure isn’t a power in your market: it is a necessity.


Now it is time to think about your organization’s weaknesses. Be honest! A SWOT Analysis is only going to be valuable if you collect all of the info that you want.

Weaknesses, such as strengths, are inherent characteristics of your organization, so concentrate on your people, tools, systems, and processes. Think about what you can improve and the types of practices that you should avoid.

Once more, envision (or find out) the way other individuals in your market view you. Can they detect weaknesses that you are inclined to be blind to? What are you missing?


Opportunities are openings or opportunities for something positive to happen, but you will want to maintain them on your own!

They often arise in situations outside your organization and also need an eye on what might occur later on. They might appear as improvements in the market you serve, or at the technology, you’re using. Having the ability to identify and exploit opportunities may make a massive difference to your organization’s capability to compete and also take the lead in your market.

Think about fantastic opportunities you may place instantly. These do not have to be more game-changers: even tiny benefits can boost your organization’s validity. What intriguing market tendencies are you conscious of, big or small, which may affect?

It would help if you also were on the lookout for changes in government policy related to a field.


Threats contain anything that may negatively influence your company in the exterior, for example, supply chain issues, changes in market conditions, or a lack of recruits. It is crucial to anticipate dangers and also to take action against them until you become a victim of these along with your expansion stalls.

Think about the challenges you face in getting the product to market and promoting it. You will observe that quality criteria or specifications to your products are shifting and you’ll want to alter these products if you are to remain in the lead. Evolving technology is an ever-present hazard, in addition to a chance!

Always think about what your competitors do and if you need to be shifting your organization’s accent to satisfy with the challenge. But keep in mind what they are doing might not be the ideal thing that you do, and prevent copying them without understanding how it will enhance your position.

Make sure to research whether your organization is particularly vulnerable to outside challenges. Have you got terrible debt or cash-flow troubles, as an instance, which could make you vulnerable to small changes on the market? This is the type of threat that may seriously harm your company, so be attentive.

How to conduct a SWOT analysis

SWOT analysis questions to guide you

Whether you are working alone or with a varied group, obtaining the brainstorming started might be rough. The next questions are here to help get things going. I suggest reading through them regardless of what things to avoid missing significant factors.


All these are positive, inner factors that affect the way your business performs. Although they may Be Hard to change, They Ought to be inside your control:

  • What exactly are we good at?
  • What do we do so nobody else does?
  • Which are our eCommerce firm’s benefits?
  • What benefits do our workers have?
  • What precious assets does our firm have?


All these are negative, internal factors that affect the way your business performs. Although they may Be Hard to change, They Ought to be inside your control:

  • What exactly are we poor at?
  • What do our opponents do better than people?
  • What do our clients complain about?
  • What’s holding us back?


All of these are external factors that could positively affect your business. They may be mainly outside of your control. However, you Can Opt to leverage them:

  • What possible regulation changes could assist our business?
  • Is the market changing favorably?
  • Is your present market going to affect us positively?
  • What opportunities have we never pursued yet?
  • Is our price of merchandise heading down?
  • Can there be a method for us to get useful resources that we don’t have?


All of these are external factors that could negatively affect your business. They may be mainly outside of your control. However, you can make a contingency plan to minimize the harm:

  • Who would be our present competitors?
  • What brand new entrants on the market could threaten our eCommerce business?
  • Is your business changing in a means that could negatively affect our business?
  • Is our price of merchandise increasing?
  • Is a source we rely on getting rare?
  • Are regulations affecting in a means which could hurt your own business?
  • Is our maker undependable?

Apple Swot Analysis

Here’s how we’d conduct a SWOT analysis on Apple.

SWOT analysis showing Apple's Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats
Swot Analysis Example

While Apple has many abilities, let us identify the best three:

  1. Brand fame
  2. High rates
  3. Complex products

Apple’s brand is valuable and has been named the planet’s most valuable brand by Forbes. As it is readily recognized, Apple may create new products and practically ensure a certain amount of success from the brand name.

This amount of recognition brings itself to Apple’s ability to market products at overly high prices. For example, in 2016, Apple sold 78 million iPhones, the typical cost of $695. In contrast, Samsung marketed their telephones to get $500 less. And yet, 92 percent of the earnings in the smartphone group for 2016 moved to Apple. Many times, people do not care about cost as far as they care about brand recognition.

Finally, their revolutionary products: Apple did not make its standing for whatever. They produce highly advanced products that are usually at the forefront of their business.

Apple controls all of its services and products in house, and while many clients become loyal brand urges, it means that all lawsuits drop on Apple workers.

It’s simple to identify opportunities for advancement as soon as you consider Apple’s flaws. Here’s a listing of three people came up :

  1. Expand distribution alternatives
  2. Produce new merchandise lines
  3. Technological improvement

Among Apple’s, the most critical flaws are its supply system, which stays relatively modest in the title of exclusivity. Suppose Apple enlarged its network and allowed third-party companies to market its products. If that’s the circumstance, it could reach more people worldwide while relieving some of the strain currently placed on in-house workers.

There are also a lot of opportunities for Apple to make new products. Apple could think about making cheaper products to reach a larger market or dispersing into new businesses — Apple self-driving automobiles, possibly?

Ultimately, Apple could keep on advancing its products’ technology. Apple can take current products and enhance them, ensuring every item offers as many distinctive features as you can.

Finally, let us look at the dangers of Apple.

Listed below are just three of Apple’s most Important dangers:

Many of Apple’s flaws hinder Apple’s ability to compete with all the technology companies who have more freedom to experiment or not function in a closed ecosystem.

Another danger to Apple is suited. Throughout the past couple of decades, Apple has confronted many suits, especially between Apple and Samsung, and up to now, it’s just won one instance.

Ultimately, Apple should boost its reach globally. It is not number one in China and does not have an extremely positive relationship with the Chinese authorities. In India, which has the most important consumer markets worldwide, Apple’s market share is reduced, and the firm has trouble bringing shops to India’s marketplace.

If Apple can not compete globally, the manner Samsung or Google could, it risks falling behind in the business.


SWOT Analysis is a simple but useful framework for analyzing your organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and dangers.

It makes it possible to build on what you do nicely, tackle exactly what you are missing, minimize risks, and create the most critical potential benefit of success opportunities.

It may kick off the strategy formula informally or in a more complex manner as a significant strategy instrument. You might even use it to know your opponents, which may provide you the advice you want to craft a more coherent and effective competitive place.

When taking out your analysis, be sensible and rigorous. Apply it to the ideal degree, and supplement it with other option-generation tools where appropriate.

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