Top 7 Small Easy Business Ideas that You Can Start Today

Small businesses are booming in the world. Millions of people are starting their own business every year, while the percentage of small businesses in the US is increasing at a rate that outpaced the population growth. 

Reasons to Start a Business

People often start businesses for a variety of different reasons. Some do so because they have a talent that could make them an incredibly successful entrepreneur. 

Others do so because they are interested in expanding their current business, while others do so because of the opportunities that internet marketing presents. 

No matter the reasons, starting a business is often a challenge that requires patience and determination to overcome.

Way to Bring in Extra Money

While some people start a small business to bring in extra money, others look at it as a way to help them achieve their financial goals. 

Regardless of what the motivation may be, there are many reasons to start a small business. 

One of the most important reasons to start a business is that you will have the ability to make a living. 

This is something that all entrepreneurs can greatly benefit from. While making money is the number one reason to begin a business, this reason provides entrepreneurs with a great deal of flexibility.

For Family

The other most important reason to begin a business is that you will provide for yourself and your family. 

Most people only have enough money to provide for themselves and their families through their income. 

While other small businesses provide their employees with the financial security they need to provide for their families, some employees have to work for their employers for years to earn enough money to provide for their families. 

By starting a business, you will be able to take care of your family without putting them under the employment of another parent.

You will be Able to Work for Yourself.

Another reason to start a business is that you will be able to work for yourself. 

Working for someone else and having them provide you with financial security is not always something people can accomplish. 

With the increasing cost of living, it is becoming increasingly difficult to survive as a working class. 

Many people are working in jobs that do not pay very well and are barely scraping by. A business allows you to work for yourself and build a comfortable lifestyle through your efforts.

These are just a few of the reasons that working with an entrepreneurial mindset is the right decision for thousands of working-class individuals each year. 

By starting a home-based business, these entrepreneurs are gaining the financial security their families need and the freedom of financial opportunity that allows them to be truly productive. 

These entrepreneurs also experience the great sense of satisfaction that comes from making their own decisions. 

The entrepreneurial spirit in them enables them to live life at its best.

Small Easy Business Ideas

Small Easy Business Ideas

If you are looking to start your own small business or are just looking for an easy-to-start idea, look at our top7 small, easy business ideas that you can start today.

Dropshipping Business

If you have always wanted to work from the comfort of your own home, then looking into dropshipping business is just right for you. 

As this is becoming a very popular method of selling online, many people are trying to venture into this kind of business. 

Dropshipping is when a product is sold through a supplier instead of through the actual seller in the traditional way.

With dropshipping, all you need to do is receive the orders, place an order with your supplier, and then have the products delivered directly to your customer. So if you already have your own online business, why not look into some small, easy business ideas like starting your own dropshipping business? 

Drop shopping Business Ideas

There are several small, easy business ideas that you can use to get started with your own dropshipping business. 

  • One of these is to make a podcast, promote your dropshipping business on it, and sell some of your products to get started. 
  • Dropshipping on eBay is also a very popular method, promoting products on your website and selling others’ products through your website. 
  • Another way to start your own dropshipping business is to look into wholesale directories, where you can find products for resale at a wholesale price. 
  • You can even find drop shippers who will ship the products directly to your customers, saving you time, effort, and money from shipping costs.

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Consulting Business

A consultant is an individual that offers expert or specialist advice in a given area like business management, accountancy, legal, technology, auditing, health care, finance, or any of the other specialized fields. 

Their main aim or responsibility is to assist or provide solutions for clients in areas where they are weak or lacking in knowledge or expertise. 

The consulting business is highly diversified because there are many specialization areas in which a business consulting firm can offer its expertise.

Consulting Business Ideas

One of the advantages that come with consulting jobs is that you get started as an independent contractor. 

Therefore, you do not need to worry about paying any salaries or wages. However, to get started, you will need to find one or more private companies looking for consultants. 

If you want to expand your consultancy business, you can get started by finding other consulting firms that are willing to partner with you.

Start a Blog

You see everywhere on the internet how easy it is to start a blog these days and how you too can earn money writing about whatever you choose. 

But do you make a success out of your blog if you know where not to begin? 

Starting a blog on the best small, easy business ideas, you can start e-commerce, affiliate, or informational blog.

With every one blog, you can earn money if you work hard and smartly.

Start a Business

Amazon Store

Amazon Store offers many small, easy business ideas, which any business owner on Amazon can implement. 

An Amazon Store is a free high-quality content offering on Amazon which sellers can utilize to exclusively showcase a meticulously filtered collection of goods and elevate their overall brand consciousness. 

The concept behind an Amazon Store is simple. Instead of relying on search engine rankings and other traffic-building tactics, a company creates a specialized marketplace that caters directly to its customers and focuses on creating a better shopping and browsing experience. 

Amazon Store

The most successful Amazon Store owners are those who take a critical eye to their website’s design and focus on providing a user-friendly experience, one that encourages visitors to not only browse the site but also to “reside” and participate in the social network provided.

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing, freelance, or freelance writer are generally used for an individual who is not necessarily engaged to any single employer for a long-term and self-employed relationship. 

The work usually requires short-term contracts with the stipulation that you would produce quality work for that time and would return the favor for future work when your contract ends. 

The market for freelancers is highly competitive because clients always want the best available services at the best possible price. 

Freelance article writing and freelance writing for websites are also viable options for aspiring writers. 

To establish yourself as a successful freelancer in the market, you should have certain characteristics such as good communication skills, a strong command of the English language, excellent writing skills, a unique flair for creating provocative, original content, and an enviable portfolio of previous work.

Freelance Writing

A good way to find out what is available in the freelance writing market is to search online. 

Many freelance writing sites offer a huge variety of opportunities for both writers and clients. Freelance article writing is a great way to get your name out there and make a good profit, especially if you already have a website of your own.

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Custom T-Shirt Business

Are you looking for easy small business ideas? If you have a special skill that other people need, but you do not want to go through the trouble of starting that business, you can make a profit selling T-shirts online! You can sell any T-Shirt you want, and you can do it from the comfort of your own home. 

Custom T Shirt

There is no need to rent a storefront or pay costly startup fees. All you need is a few simple tools and a little imagination.


  • A custom t-shirt business is cheap and easy to get started. 
  • There are countless online businesses dedicated to selling t-shirts, allowing you to operate this very lucrative business without too much effort. 
  • There are thousands of people who use online shopping as their main source of purchasing custom tees. 
  • Once you have decided to make custom t-shirts a part of your business, you will need a few things. 
  • You will need a marketable niche or area in which to sell your shirts. 
  • It would help if you also had a reliable supplier or drop shipper who can provide you with shirts that you can sell for a profit.


  • A custom t-shirt business can become rather competitive, especially if you offer customized shirts with your logo or other special design. 
  • You might have to spend a lot of money to obtain a steady customer base. 
  • Also, it takes some time and effort to become established in this type of business, so it would be wise to take time to study a few well-known t-shirt printing businesses first before launching your own.

Coffee Shop

For many people in this new high-tech society, a coffee shop is a necessity. It provides that little bit of convenience for a caffeine fix. 

The choices of small, easy business ideas are virtually limitless. There are so many things you can do with a coffee shop.

A small coffee shop usually costs between twenty and thirty thousand dollars to open. A big drive-through coffee shop could cost up to seventy thousand dollars. 

A small kiosk could cost up to fifty thousand dollars. A franchised sit-down coffee shop could cost up to a million dollars.

Coffee Shop

Sit-down coffee shops can be found all over the world. They can be found in small towns, suburbs, and on every major street in big cities. 

If you are creative and ambitious, you can find a way to make your coffee shop a profitable small business. 

This type of business would combine the best aspects of both an eating establishment and a coffee shop. 

You could add an eat-in counter and some outdoor seating or indoor seating and countertop cooking. 

Whatever you decide to do, the combination of a restaurant and a coffee shop that offer fast service, a wide variety of products, and variable costs will make this type of business one of the most successful small business ventures you can find.


If you want to establish a business or work for yourself, you need to think about the different business ideas that you can start up today. 

Whether you want to start your own retail business or start a mobile advertising business, or an online business, the perfect business idea can be the one that works best for you. 

You can only build a successful business if you invest in yourself, which is the first step. 

Where else do you think you should try and the “best” idea? Please share it with us in the comments.

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