Ballistic Phone Cases Out Of Business

Ballistic phone cases out of business? In this article, you will get all the knowledge about it.

The covers and screen protectors are good allies, clearly recommended, to keep the phone safe from breakage: there are different types, each one has its characteristics … although they all have something in common: none protect

The accessory that protects certain structures or elements is also called a casing. The mobile cellular or mobile, to cite one case, is a casing that can often be removed and replaced by another. This case exchange is usually done for aesthetic reasons.

One of the star accessories for our iPhones is the covers, one of the most important secondary markets for the Apple phone since its launch. There has always been some controversy since due to its excellent design, there are those who prefer not to carry any type of protection on their new phone. However, even the most reluctant have fallen at some time and surely some drawer has one saved for certain occasions. Gym? Trip? Why not?

In these ten years of the existence of the iPhone, we have seen almost everything. From the ultra-thin covers for those who reluctantly accept some minimums, to those much more resistant for the more adventurous. In the middle ground are the majority of users, who seek comfort, resistance, and a few minimums in the accompaniment of the design of the Apple ballistic phone cases. In my opinion, the best for any type of user are those offered by the brand itself: silicone or leather are the most resistant and most consistent in design.

Did Ballistic Phone Cases Go out Of Business

Ballistic cases do not go out of business. This case is also known as the “ Aramid iPhone case ” and it is not random: the word “aramid” in Spanish is an abbreviation of the term “aromatic polyamide”, a category of robust and heat resistant synthetic fiber. It is used for military purposes: for ballistic compounds and personal protective vests, but it is also widely used in the aerospace field or in shipbuilding. By definition it has very good resistance to shocks ( this is very good news in a case ) and to heat – it is even fire-resistant.

The brand tells us that it is built 100% with this material, and in the hand, it has a fantastic grip. It has a minimum point of roughness to prevent certain accidental slips, but it is smart enough not to add more thickness to the set. And this is one of the points that impresses the most: if the iPhone X is 7.7 mm thick ( counting the opening of the camera ), with the case on it only increases to 8.35 mm ( counting the camera also ).

A Complete, Balanced, And Resistant Case

The brand promises us that the material of this case is five times more resistant than steel, even that it will never lose its color or scratches will be marked. In my tests, it has remained impeccable from day today, and it is comfortable and light: to the touch you practically forget that you are wearing it. The package also includes a glass protector for the screen and a microfiber cloth to clean it, a very interesting extra that improves the Pitaka proposal.

Another interesting point of this complete accessory is that it has two metal plates on the back ( within the material itself, they are not visible from the outside ) that allow this case to adhere magnetically to the brand’s car holder, no need to add unsightly stickers or anchors. If you have the magnetic mount, simply this cover will fix without problems, safely. And fully compatible with wireless charging or Apple Pay, of course.

Ballistic Hard Core IPhone 6

This case is designed for those who need real protection. Tactical hardcore covers all vital elements for a smartphone, including the screen, ports, and buttons, which provide protection against dust, dirt, and moisture. The special design allows it to be guaranteed to withstand a fall from a height of 3.5 meters. Hardcore tactical hardware option available that is compatible with professional sports teams, though complete is also very good – it is made from aircraft-grade aluminum and can support up to 90-kilogram weights.

This is the most durable protective case for the iPhone 6 covers the entire Body Glove line. As you would expect from this category are included, it has a display device for protection and fasteners. Even though the ToughSuit completely covers the iPhone, it provides easy access to all important controls, including Touch ID

This case is much easier on the others but offers the same high level of protection. Aero fits comfortably in the hand, has large buttons and ports safely covered, and faces iPhone, while at the same time accessing all functions. The manufacturer offers cover in several colors, including classic black and gray, as well as bright orange and pink.

Ballistic Phone Cases

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