How To Start A Business With No Money Step By Step From Scratch

More and more acquaintances approach me with the idea of ​​starting a business with no money. They ask me things like Franck, what business can I start? How can I find a good idea to start a business? or what business do I set up?

The number of people who are unemployed increases day after day, so many people find themselves without economic resources and must find a way to obtain their own income.

In these troubled times, there are basically only two options to get it:

  1. Or you are lucky enough to find a job, which probably means that you will have to give up many of the advantages that you had in your last position (accept a lower salary, fewer social benefits, etc.).
  2. Or you must invent a job and figure out what business to start.
    I see many people who already have a certain professional path and who are very lost. They are very valuable people who should not have so many problems when creating their own job.

This has nothing to do with a lack of technical or business preparation, but with a lack of mental preparation: the ability to take initiative, to believe in oneself, and to launch out to undertake.

In this post today, I am going to show you what the initial step in the genesis of a business project can be that is feasible (without resources to launch) and that allows you to generate decent income on the Internet in the medium term.

What Businesses Can I Start Without Money?

I want to tell you about a concept present in the book “Good to Great”, by Jim Collins. In this work, the writer tries to understand why some big multinationals are successful and their immediate competitors, of equal size or power, are not.

In general terms, the author’s conclusion is that there are 3 spheres that must come together to create a successful momentum in a business project.


On the one writing, you have to have talents. In the case of a company, it is about knowledge, technology, manufacturing, or deals processes.

If you have been working for 10 or 15 years in a sector in a well-defined functional area, there are many things that you know a lot about. Make a list with all of them, without worrying for now about whether they are worth something in the market or not.


The second sphere is that of the things you really like.

In this book, Jim Collins showed that in absolutely every successful project, there was a management team that was truly passionate, not about management or making more money, but about the products themselves, about helping the people who bought their products. or its services. I encourage you to read more about this blog here: How To Start A Laundromat Business With No Money

This is the sphere of passion.

And I think there is a fundamental message in this: you are unemployed, okay, but you hated your job.

So if you didn’t like your job, now is a fantastic opportunity to correct this aspect of your life.

And if you are approaching your 40-something years, it is a good time to make this reflection and not spend the rest of your life doing things that you do not like.

Go prepare a second list in which you list absolutely all the passions you may have: your hobbies, the things you really like.

In a blog, it is very important that people perceive not only good content but also that desire, that joy, and that contagious energy that you feel when you enjoy doing what you like.


The third sphere is that of the ability to sell.

In companies, the purpose is quite obvious: to sell products or services and earn money to be able to distribute them to its shareholders.

I know a lot of people who are technically very competent (excellent writers, designers, or programmers), but have no training or skills in management, marketing, and sales.

If you understand as I do that the future passes through the digital channel, my recommendation is that you sign up for a course in which they teach you how to sell. Then you will learn these tactics and at the same time try to implement what you are discovering in your own project.

You must realize that if you help a collective to solve important problems, you can always sell professional services to this collective.


At the meeting point of these three spheres (skills, passion, and sales capacity). When these three universes meet, it is when the projects really succeed.


The conception is to mix passion and skills.

So let’s imagine an expert consultant in change management who wants to retrain, because his passion is psychology, and he is in the process of transforming to be a coach in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).

Instead of continuing with the theme of difference management focused on big businesses, the focus should change to investigate change management in the sphere of someone.

I’m not telling you that you have to make a clean slate of everything you’ve done in the past. That would be a mistake.


Imagine that you are a consultant and suddenly you wake up and want to be… I don’t know… a masseur, although you have absolutely no preparation to be one.

This transformation process will take years because you have to do it seriously, getting a diploma and learning the trade. This is the correct path.

If this is what you want, that’s fine with me. Ahead. Now, you will have to provide answers to very complex questions:

  • How do I transform from a consultant to a massage therapist in a span of time that can take several years while living decently earning at least the money I need to pay the bills? 
  • Can I still live in a big city?
  • Where do I find the time to study/learn a new trade?

For this, you will have to design an action plan that takes into account that it will be a long process, which will not happen overnight.

To achieve this change, one must be aware of the costs of this transformation process.

How To Start A Business With No Money?

I assume that you have done the exercise that I have given you and that you have a couple of ideas to create a job. This will be the starting point.


If you don’t have money to start your activity and your only asset is your time, your desire, and your knowledge (which is not little!), you have no choice but to bet on setting up your own online business.

Buying a domain and hosting and setting up a blog will cost you around €60 for 12 months of activity. In fact, in this article, you will see how much it costs to create a blog with a budget adjusted to your portfolio.

Starting a business with less money is a difficult thing to achieve.


Get away from the tempting sirens of online advertising (a news portal that generates money with advertising). It is a very unlikely business model, even more so if you are new to these issues.

The idea that I propose is super simple:

  • Identify a group that has problems in their personal life or work life.
  • Give answers to these problems.

There’s no more. You are a sherpa at the service of your readers.

How To Start A Business Without Money Step By Step?

If you are looking for an executive roadmap, I leave you one in 5 simple steps:

  • Work on your strategic proposal to consolidate the assets of your personal brand before making it known.
  • Set up a blog to get good visibility on the Internet.
  • Sell professional services: 1 to 1 service (requires your presence).
  • Sell derived services (training): Service 1 to N (requires your presence).
  • Sell digital products (ebook or online courses): Products 1 to N (your presence is NOT required).

You will have a real business, a system that works without you.

It is not about starting a self-employment system and working as a freelance exchanging an hour of your time in exchange for a fee/hour.


As you are going to launch into a business project, you have to learn to sell.

It is essential to understand that selling has nothing to do with being heavy and insisting, but rather with understanding who your customers are, what their needs are and providing answers, presenting the offer, and letting people choose if it is worth buying this service from you. or this product.

There is nothing easier than selling once you know who you are doing it for.

7 essential articles to help you position your business:

  • Types of business on the Internet exist  
  • Do you know who your ideal client is?  
  • How to thoroughly spy on your main competitors?  
  • Benefits vs Features  
  • Customer service is a very effective differentiating weapon  
  • Your unique value proposition is the DNA of your business  
  • The bikini strategy


You need a potential customer acquisition engine: a blog. What will make it work is your content. So these should be:

  • originals
  • Tools
  • personal
  • Focused on the group you are targeting

We have all started from scratch someday. You are no longer in a condition to doubt or be afraid. It’s your turn to act. Every day you delay, every day you put off launching your blog will make you feel worse and worse.

Stop thinking about things from the past, start building your future today.

5 essential articles to help you:

  1. How to create a blog?  
  2. How to write in a blog?  
  3. How to increase visits to my blog?  
  4. How to make yourself known on social networks?  
  5. How to monetize a blog?


It seems obvious, but if you do not make it clear to your readers that they can hire you as a freelancer, it is difficult for you to sell these services.

Your home page is key in attracting potential clients, but you should also consider that each of your blog pages is potentially a landing page where a future client can land for the first time.

4 essential articles to help you:

  • Advertising is not a good business model
  • How to make money online without wasting time
  • How to implement the funnel model in your business project?
  • Work as a freelance in Spain


You can create a company for less than €100.

Understanding all that this implies is important.

Do not let yourself be intimidated by the armed robbery of the Spanish state to all the crazy people who pretend to have the initiative and start a business in this country.

Ideas On How To Make Money From Scratch

This is a tough one to nail down for a lot of reasons. We all have a personal threshold for what we’ll do to make money from home, but it’s also very personal. For example, I am happy to work for free because I’m self-sufficient and don’t really need the money. I also enjoy working from home, which is part of why I started a business from home instead of continuing to work at a desk. That said, I do need to make a certain amount of money to cover my overhead and afford living expenses. That’s part of my business model, but it’s also what allows me to focus on writing, growing my audience, and making connections in my niche.

Tips For Young Entrepreneurs Without Money

Everything we have seen so far is valid for all young people, with the only difference being that they must specialize even more to be more credible as experts.

It is possible to make money with a blog, as well as to make money fast on the Internet.


You have to choose an avant-garde (digital) topic and be very consistent in your messages to achieve visibility and credibility in your niche.

Who can claim to be an expert on MySpace when this social network is used by just three cats in Spain?

This is your opportunity to enter this world. Enter before other heavyweights do and overshadow you.

  • Be faster (than the most experienced).
  • Be more daring (that you have something to lose).
  • Be more flexible (than those who perpetual change begins to tire).
  • Have more desire to eat the world (than those who have already tasted the triumph).
  • Work more (than those who already have and care more about enjoying the good life).
  • Be more open and more social. You are from the “social” generation. We dinosaurs fail
  • because of a lack of sociability. Shred us on social media. They are native to you.

This approach to your proposal will make you more visible, it will do it sooner and it will be more credible.

Super specialization has a name on the Internet: niche markets. And in ALL sectors it succeeds:

  • Beer consumption is falling year after year, and at the same time, craft beers that sell 100% of their production in a matter of days at premium prices are triumphing.
  • Cafes and bars are dying, and theme bars (books, movies, etc.) or theme cafes (on sewing, manual labor) are triumphing.
  • Sales of clothing in large chains fall, and courses to design your own clothing skyrocket.

People value real experiences that move away from the mass production for the masses. Choose an idea to start a business with no money that is in this line.

A super tailor-made craft proposal is an offer with which it is difficult to compete. These are your barriers to entry, this is your way of differentiating yourself from others.


My real recommendation if you are young and if you have training is that you pack your bags and go look for work in countries where there are offers.

It will be easier for you than starting a business with no money. In addition, you can combine work and business projects in the very initial phase of it.

And if you need to go to Brazil, China, or Germany, don’t hesitate for a single second, go quickly to have professional experience in companies that will recognize your skills and will allow you to develop professionally.

He arrives there with an employment contract already signed. This is an adventure with a head, a desperate flight towards another horizon that is supposed to be better.

Go out to discover the world and make a place for yourself near the stars. Live your dreams!

I myself did it in 1993 when I finished my degree in aeronautical engineering, a sector that at that time was in crisis in my country (France).

You don’t have to put up with a crisis that will surely last between 5 and 10 years when you live much better outside of Spain.

This world is becoming more global every day. And this is a reality.

Be global in your aspirations, and never stop believing in yourself. Spain does not take care of or recognize its living forces, its youth. So respond with your weapons: find yourself a better future far from these lands.

You will come back later, infinitely richer in experiences and experiences, and in all probability, with more savings than if you stay here suffering the consequences of a crisis that will end up sapping your vital forces.

There is life out there. Go get her!

And if you get a job, never forget that companies are what they are, so you should never marry one.

Examples Of Businesses Without Money That Succeeded On The Internet

If your business fails, it’s not because you have no money; it’s because you’re doing the wrong thing. If you’re trying to make money selling on the Internet by making a list of products that will sell and then waiting for people to buy, you’re going to get frustrated and disappointed when they don’t.

You’ll also lose your motivation, your ability to be creative, and your ability to be effective. Instead, try to focus on doing the best things you can for your community or your industry. When you do the right things and follow your heart, you’ll be happy and effective. There are plenty of people out there who have succeeded on the Internet without money. If you’re smart enough to learn from them, you can too.


In conclusion, so, if you want to know how to start a business with no money step by step from scratch. We have created a detailed video tutorial that will show you exactly how. So, before we get started, click the link below to watch the entire video tutorial. Hope you like the video tutorial.

In conclusion, you might be tempted to say that your life is a constant series of setbacks, misfortunes, and failures. But this is simply untrue. Life is not a series of setbacks, misfortunes, and failures. Life is a series of experiences, some good, some bad, some happy, some sad. Your perception of reality determines how you live. In a perfect world, life would be perfect. This is not a perfect world. The key to happiness is living in the moment and not worrying about the future. You can never escape the past, nor can you affect the future.

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How To Start A Business with No Money (Step by Step)

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