Top 10 Small Business in Philippines with a 4k Capital

How to start a small business in Philippines with a 4K capital? If you are a knowledgeable person with sound business ideas, then this article is for you! The first thing to do when planning a business venture is to have an excellent financial projection.

With this, it’s important to understand your potential target market’s demographics and its profitability depending on your demographic trends and existing resources.

The safest way to achieve financial freedom in a developing country like the Philippines is to do your own small business, absolutely without doubt about that!

Small Business in Philippines with a 4k Capital

Many successful Filipino entrepreneurs start their own company on a strict budget, and they’ve demonstrated little money can go a very long way. Therefore, if you have 2k or 4k from the pocket, now’s the ideal time to start your Small Business in Philippines with a 4k Capital.

Social Media Influencer

Social Media Influencer Marketing is a kind of social media promotion involving product placement and endorsements from well-known entities, influencers, and other recognized individuals who have alleged expert status in their chosen field.

Social Media Influencers are famous enough to be sought out and to whom you can quickly market your products and services.

A social media influencer will need to understand what kind of audience they are trying to attract and what type of product or service they should promote. If their intended audience is only women, then the type of product they should be promoting would be targeted mainly at women.

Similarly, if their audience is only teens, they need to focus on teen-oriented products. At the same time, if their audience is men, then the product they should be promoting would be targeted, particularly at men.

Many other factors go into deciding the kind of product and services that should be promoted. These include the type of brand or agency associated with it and the niche that the audience belongs to.

The success of any Social Media Influence campaign depends on how effectively it caters to the targeted audience and their interest in the product or service being promoted.

Successful Social Media Influence’s work hard to establish an influential voice within their chosen niche and ensure that they engage their audience and create genuine engagement.

To have a successful campaign, it is essential to engage in authentic conversations with your target audience and ensure that they know you are there to solve their problems.

Gift baskets

There’ll always be individuals and businesses who would instead give away a range of products throughout the vacations. If you’re creative and can create stunning bits, your gift baskets are going to be in demand.

Just how much you will create: Your production cost will be different based on what you set in the basket, though a safe bet is to bring a 20 percent markup into the total manufacturing price.

Selling Ice Cream

Everyone likes ice cream, regardless of the season! This produces a perfect startup enterprise. But if you package it in tiny containers, then you might sell it in P250 per half-gallon or even P8 per shovel.

Room Rental

Room Rental is almost the simplest business on this listing to get started. It is essentially the Airbnb version, and you’ll be able to utilize Airbnb to pursue this, or you’ll be able to put up advertisements on travel sites and places like Craigslist. Disrupt the resort sector by providing a cheaper, friendlier option.

You do not want a fancy home or penthouse flat to generate money renting a space. You only require a clean area and also the patience to take care of individuals sharing your property. In reality, many folks lease a room, enjoying meeting a huge array of tenants from many unique areas.

Room Rental offers solid earnings that are just about all pure gain. Take amazing photographs of your area and home and attempt different ad copies. Do not be afraid to modify your pricing: hotels utilize neighborhood surveys to modify their pricing each evening.

eBay Selling

Frequently, I am purchasing from individuals who operate professional eBay marketing services.

They operate on commission or possibly a flat fee. They do not have the substance so that they do not take much danger. It is a unique, low-risk approach to create decent money as time passes.

Next, list a number of your very own unwanted possessions; next, enlarge to friend’s family and friends of your friends.

You build some specialization, learn the prices and buy cheap and sell high quality.

And before you build your understanding, you risk either overpaying or linking up your cash with slow-selling things.

But it’s possible to construct it into a highly profitable enterprise as time passes. I am a college student who paid a lot of his very own tuition from cash he left trading on eBay if he was in high school.

Banana chips

Virtually anybody can be a client, which means that your selling chances are endless. Additionally, banana chips are exceptionally in demand overseas. Makes a perfect gift to loved ones overseas.

Your earnings will depend on just how much you can cook, plus it takes a day to cook 30 kilos value of banana chips. If you would like to earn sweet banana chips, then you need to cook them a second time the next day.

Hint: Remember to put away your chips in an airtight container, so they don’t lose their crunchiness.

Social Media Consultant

Social media consulting is a relatively new arena, but one that is already proving very popular. Companies seeking to utilize online marketing strategies such as social media could reap substantial benefits in the long term.

Crucially, it is something that offers companies the chance to connect with customers in a very tangible way, providing an opportunity to build loyalty, build social capital, and build overall awareness and engagement.

The research provided by a social media consultant can help by providing information that allows businesses to create campaigns that are focused, targeted, engaging, and ultimately, achieve actual results.

Social media consultants can analyze the brand’s demographics for several months, taking full advantage of Google AdWords and other tools to help them identify emerging trends, pains points, and best practices within the organization.

For instance, by developing well-planned, high-quality adverts, they can greatly improve the click-through rate of their campaigns and, therefore, their bottom line. Alternatively, by utilizing highly engaging content, they can attract customers’ attention to the site through an appealing sales message – leading to a higher level of conversion.


Photography is the art, craft, and discipline of capturing still images by film, using an optical lens, electron beam, or a combination of optical lens and photographic film, generating light by the photoelectric effect or by any other source.

The term photography has various other meanings, such as the science of photography and the art of photography.

Photography is used in the same way as art to describe an artistic production that employs human observation and understanding to produce a specific type of output, such as art, literature, music, and films.

The history of photography can be traced back to the age of the ancient Romans, who used photographic imaging to create copies of their essential documents.

There are many different methods of exposure, including

  • Continuous-exposure
  • Single-focus
  • Flash photography

Continuous-exposure photography uses the continuous-exposure function of the camera to shoot continuously until the button is activated, and the exposure level can be maintained manually through focusing manually.

Single-focus photography involves using a camera that senses its focal point and only adjusts its exposure based on the focus.

A flash photography system allows the photographer to activate a flash, which creates light captured by the camera’s sensor.

Flash photography is often used for landscape shots because it eliminates the need to wait for the lens to cool and the flashbulb to burn out.

Home Cleaning and Repair Services

Things to spend in Fixing and repair tools, disinfectants, and protective equipment

You can begin a cleaning and repair company that caters to professionals resulting in a fast-paced lifestyle. You can provide a few of the services are appliance repair services, housekeeping, and even pipes.

Apart from gear, disinfectants, and protective equipment, you might want the essential training to perform home repairs and repairs. It may cost a substantial amount, but you will find online courses you can choose free like the ones provided by TESDA.


Animation is a technique where cartoon characters are partly animated to look like moving pictures. In old animation, drawings are made or painted on soft celluloid sheets using brushes to transfer them to film and photograph.

However, today most animations are created using computer-generated images. It was started by Japanese artist Sadayuki Murakami, who used computer animation for the first time in his famous cartoon,

The Nightmare Before Christmas. Since then, many artists worldwide have used this technique to create some of the most beautiful animations ever.

There are two main types of animation:

  • Action/adventure
  • Kids/adults oriented

Action/adventure animations involve cartoon characters going on adventures, while in kids/adults oriented animation, cartoon characters are just showy enough for children to follow. To create an action/adventure animation, storyboards are made to determine the movements and actions of the cartoon characters.

After completing the storyboard, computer graphics are created to finalize the scene. Usually, motion graphics are done by professionals, as those who do it are skilled in both traditional animation techniques as well as computer animation.

The 2D animation technique is an exciting new form of animation, where a computer creates a moving image using two-dimensional images.

Unlike traditional animation, which involves drawing, painting, or other forms of art, in the case of 2D animation, the character moves using pre-recorded computerized animation.

For example, if you see a cartoon character running down a busy city street, the computer animating image would run across the screen, over the top of the actor’s facial expressions. As it zigzags and bounds along with the screen, the actor’s facial expressions will also move along with it, making it look very realistic.


All businesses require dedication and persistence. Do your homework, conduct comprehensive research and make a business strategy. These can function as entrepreneurial patterns and your lead in navigating the exciting route of working on your own.

Find any Small Business in Philippines with a 4k Capital that matches you? With imagination and strategy, you can be your boss despite reduced capital.

Before starting a company, determine your target industry. Be sure that you explore different enjoy thoughts that fit your requirements and be highly profitable.

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